Regain Incontinence Clamp

Regain Incontinence Clamp

One of the best solutions for incontinence is to use Regain penis clamps. It is one of the best brands in the market today, it offers much more advantages than other solutions, and it is very cheap compared to other brands.

Why choose Regain?
Incontinence causes much problem and stress to men, what contributing further are previous solutions like urine collection devices that are very awkward to use. It is very embarrassing for men to admit using such devices. But today, Regain incontinence clamp helps persons with micturition issues overcome their problems and helps resume normal activities as much as possible. It offers a lot of benefits other incontinence solutions cannot provide.

Description of Regain incontinence clamp
Regain incontinence clamps are small and flexible devices designed to address incontinence by temporarily blocking the urethra or passageway of urine under the penis. This mimics the functions of external urethral sphincter muscle that stop flow of urine until the person reaches the toilet. Regain incontinence clamps are designed to stop flow of urine for some time until the person reaches a toilet to empty the bladder.
The Regain incontinence clamps are recommended for persons who have incontinence due to nerve problems, prostate problems and due to surgery. It can be used by persons who have incontinence due to aging. Although aging itself is not a source of incontinence, its prevalence increases with age.

Regain incontinence clamp offers a lot of benefits that other urine devices could not deliver. Unlike urine collection devices that are bulky, Regain clamps are so small and simple it unnoticed when worn under clothing. It presents no lines or pouches that could show on clothing. A person can work, travel and do simple activities while wearing Regain incontinence clamp. There is no need to admit use of incontinent device, saving a person from embarrassment and negative connotation associated with diapers and urine collection devices. Its simple design helps the user empty bladder quickly and many times as he desires; no one would know that a person uses such device.
Another thing is about Regain incontinence clamps is they offer non-invasive solution to incontinence; no more surgery and implants which could be unreliable after some time that requires another surgery for its removal. It is hygienic; with proper use no dribbling or retention of urine would be experienced, minimizing potential breeding places of bacteria that could cause odor and infection.
Regain incontinence clamp is uniquely designed not to block circulation around the penis unlike other brands. Some penile incontinence clamps block not just the urethra but also the blood vessels around the penis, compromising circulation that may cause pain. In extreme cases, the tissues in the penis die and the only solution is surgical removal. Regain incontinence clamps only block the urethra without putting pressure to the skin and the blood vessels.

Regain incontinence clamp is for a Mild Dribble
Regain incontinence clamp comes in packages containing three clamps at the low price of $34.95. It comes in two sizes, regular and large. Regular size suits most men. At that price, a person can address issues of incontinence and help lead as normal life as possible.
Proper use of Regain incontinence clamp
1. To use each Regain incontinence clamp make sure the strap is on the right and control pad under the penis first, then insert through the middle. You can try putting it in different places in the penis to suit your comfort.
2. Gently squeeze the upper and lower arms together to wrap it around the penis; make sure the upper arm is on the top while the hinge is facing away from the body.
3. Secure the device by wrapping the elastic strap around the upper and lower arms. It should be snug but not tight.
4. To urinate, simply open and unwrap the elastic strap.
With proper use, Regain incontinence clamp can help address incontinence in men without presenting a problem to daily activities. No other incontinence solution offers the benefits of using Regain incontinence clamp.

Important reminders
Like other medical devices, Regain penile clamps must be used properly for it to function well. Each piece of Regain incontinence clamp can be for 6-7 days, after that it starts to lose its shape and function.
The user must empty bladder every two hours to mimic natural function of the bladder that may help regain control on urination. It also helps prevent urgency and stagnation of urine that could cause UTI’s.
The device must be kept dry, or else it will lose shape and therefore non-functional and may leak. When it is wetted, soiled, damaged, or the elastic strap loses holding ability, it must be discarded and new one must be used.
Its use is contraindicated for persons with penile prostheses implants and those using urinary catheters.

1. Hinge in the middle.
2. Upper Arm.
3. Lower Arm.
4. Elastic Strap on the outside of the
Upper Arm. The Elastic Strap is used
to hold the device in place.
5. Control Pad on the inner surface of the
Lower Arm that presses against the
urethra to block the flow of urine.

regain penile clamp open


regainpenis clamp

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