Kegels For Men

Kegels For Men

Kegels for men is an important exercise that helps strengthen our pubococcygeus muscles (PC). By constantly exercising this muscle, men are able to gain better control over it. Becoming familiar with the feeling of relaxing and contracting the PC muscles will not only lead to an improved sex life but it will also result in better bladder control.

How is Kegels for men done?
There are different variations of the exercises but the most important thing when it comes to kegel exercises for men is that the proper muscle, the PC, is targeted.
One kegels exercise that will allow you to determine the location of your PC muscle is done by stopping the flow of your urine. Whenever you do this, you’ll feel a burn and won’t be able to hold it for too long. This is normal but what you have to watch out for is the feeling of “stopping” the urine from flowing. The muscle that you use to block the flow of urine is your kegel pelvic floor muscle. That is the muscle that kegels for men aims to strengthen.
The basic “squeeze” or contracting action you did is the foundation of all kegels for men exercises. There may be multiple ways to do it which will be discussed later on, but essentially the “squeeze” action is all you need to familiarize yourself with.
Squeeze and let go
Like I said, there are a number of variations of kegels for men and here are a couple of them:

Exercise 1
Sit down, relax and locate your PC muscle. Contract the muscle, hold it for a second or two then let go. Repeat the action for about 10 to 15 times initially. How easy or difficult this is, will depend on the strength and degree of control you have over the muscle already. If you find that you’re having too hard a time doing this then try lowering the number of repetitions.
You should do this exercise at least once a day during your first week. You can start adding more repetitions and daily sessions as your PC muscles become stronger.

Exercise 2
Another exercise that is a bit more advanced involves contracting the pc muscle and holding the squeeze for as long as possible. Release when you’re unable to contract anymore, take a 10-15 second break then repeat.

Exercise 3
If you’re able to successfully control your PC muscles already then you might be ready for an even more advanced exercise. There are two ways to do this and it’s up to you which one you prefer.
The first one is done by controlling the contraction and holding at certain levels. So if you’re doing for example a 3 level contraction you would:
• Contract the PC muscle at around 30% strength
• Hold for 3-5 seconds
• Contract it again and raise the strength to 60%
• Hold for 3-5 seconds
• Then finally do a full contraction
• Hold for 3-5 seconds and release
This type of exercise will place more stress on your control so you probably won’t be able to do this one until you’ve advanced by quite a bit.
The second version of this advanced kegels for men is done similarly by contracting to certain strength levels before actually doing a full squeeze. The difference is that you can follow a beat instead of the 30/60/100% method. Listen to your favorite music and identify the “thump” or beat you’d like to follow then perform the exercises by matching the contraction to the beat. This can be a lot of fun and is definitely a nice alternative when you’re bored.

Why is it important to do kegel exercises for men?
More than just the improvement it will do for your sex life, kegels for men benefits will reduce your risk of developing incontinence. Stronger PC muscles mean better bladder control and this becomes more important the older we get. Considering the number of people who suffer from incontinence, it is something that we should try to prevent while we are still young. The risk for prostate ailments, a very common cause of incontinence, is also increased during the latter stages of their lives making kegels for men an important contingency exercise.

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